Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at London Inkaholics we also offer Laser Tattoo removal services and carbon skin rejuvenation. The treatments are  provided by experienced and fully qualified staff .Our Laser allows  you to  completely remove a tattoo or just fade it enough to cover it up .  If you are interested in regaining a younger looking appearance or just to have a deep carbon peeling our treatments have a great rate of success.

Due to COVID-19 extraordinary health and safety measures we decided to suspend the laser tattoo removal services until further notice

1 x 1 Inches £50
3 X 3 Inches £80
6 x 6 Inches £150
7 x 10 Inches £170
Carbon skin rejuvenation £120 (course of 3 £300)
Enhanced Carbon skin rejuvenation £150 (course of 3 £400)

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