Josefine Brorsson

Josefine brorsson tattoo artist

guest artist – limited spaces and times please contact Josefine directly and not thru the shop. Thank you!

Working part-time as a guest artist at Inkaholics Josefine goes back and forth between Goteborg and London so with a bit of luck you might finder either at Inkaholics London or Brentwood, Josefine excels at creating beautiful and unique tattoos for her clients. Her personal tattoo style can be described as a blend of abstract realism and trash polka, but she also tattoos a lot of photorealistic designs and has a particular passion for animal portraits, especially cats. If you’re looking for one of the top tattoo shops in London for customised tattoos, including black and grey tattoos and photorealistic portrait tattoos, look no further than London Inkaholics. With Josefine’s exceptional skills and passion, you’re sure to get a one-of-a-kind piece of art on your skin.