Tattoo Artist Jobs

At Inkaholics Tattoo Shops, we believe that tattoos go beyond being mere ink on skin. They are powerful forms of self-expression, art, and storytelling. Our dedication lies in creating extraordinary and deeply significant tattoos that will be cherished by our clients for a lifetime. If you share our passion for this transformative art form and aspire to be part of our exceptional team of artists, you have come to the right place!

Why choose us?

Nurture Creative Freedom:
Our shop fosters an environment that celebrates artistic freedom and encourages limitless creativity. As a tattoo artist here, you will have the incredible opportunity to unleash your unique style and create custom designs that authentically reflect your artistic vision. We firmly believe that every artist has a personal narrative that is beautifully expressed through their masterpieces.

Foster Collaborative Connections:
We cultivate a close-knit community of passionate individuals who uplift and inspire one another. Collaboration is at the core of our values, where artists learn from their peers, share ideas, and grow together. Working alongside experienced artists, you will gain invaluable insights and expand your artistic repertoire.

What We Seek:

Exemplary Skill and Experience:
We actively seek highly talented and experienced tattoo artists who possess an impressive portfolio showcasing their artistic expertise. Whether you specialise in a specific style or demonstrate versatility in your craft, we highly value skill and mastery.

Unwavering Professionalism: 
Maintaining a professional demeanour and providing exceptional customer service are of paramount importance to us. We expect our artists to display punctuality, respect, and attentiveness to clients’ needs throughout the entire tattooing process.

Strong Work Ethic:
Tattooing demands patience, focus, and meticulous attention to detail. We greatly value artists who are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to producing high-quality tattoos. Your unwavering devotion to your craft will shine through in every masterpiece you create.

Join our team:

If you are ready to elevate your tattooing career to new heights and become an integral part of our dynamic team of artists, we wholeheartedly invite you to apply.

Please provide the following information in your application:

Your full name, contact information, and an online portfolio showcasing your work (website, Instagram, or any other relevant links)
Briefly introduce yourself, expressing your profound passion for tattooing and highlighting what sets you apart as an artist.
Detail your previous experience in the industry, including notable achievements or recognition.
Share the tattoo styles you specialise in or enjoy working on.
Indicate your availability and desired working hours.
Include any additional information you believe is relevant to your application for the right to work in the U.K.

Job Application Form

    or if you prefer you can

    We appreciate your application, and please be aware that if we haven’t responded to you within a week, it means that there are no openings at this time. We don’t want you to take this personally, so please don’t.

    Thank you for considering Inkaholics Tattoo Shops as your next career opportunity.