Info and Tattoo Aftercare


London Inkaholics is the place were the customer comes first, the quality is affordable and the tattoo is exceptional. We first open our doors for public on 8th of March 2013 .Three years later we are happy for our achievements and with great plans for the future. Be part of our future projects and book an appointment with us .
Studio Info
London Inkaholics is a highly professional tattoo studio and a great place to get inked by some outstanding artists. The studio and the artists working here are qualified and fully licensed by the Tower Hamlets Environmental Health Team. They all have great experience in the tattoo industry and are extremely talented and enthusiastic about their job.

Here at London Inkaholics® we are specialized in custom work and we really enjoy transforming your ideas into the beautiful tattoos you will cherish all your life. We think that every tattoo is special and it needs to be done in a highly professional manner, and that the customer needs to be treated the same way. We think that for your safety and peace of mind it’s better to use disposable grips and needles , therefore everything that we use during your session is single use. If you just feel the need to discuss an idea/ project with one of our artists you can pop in any time and have a cup of tea with us!

Walk-ins are very welcome!!! But we advice to call and check our availability for the day *We don’t give prices over the phone!

*We require deposit for every booking
£20 (small Tattoo)
£50 (medium tattoo 3 hours)
£100 (large tattoo 5/7 hours)

We accept cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Pingit payment system)

*The minimum charge is £80

We usually give a set price for the design depending on the size and details.

Unfortunately we do not do tattoos on hands, fingers, neck, face or genitalia.
The hourly rate of 100 GBP/hour is applied for projects longer than 4 hours ,anything under will be priced by the design .
Please contact the shop for further information.



Tattoo Aftercare At London lnkaholics we like to keep in touch with the customer throughout the healing process. if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to send us an email with your query and some pictures of the tattoo or concern. Your skin is different from others so please listen to your artist’s recommendations the advice we give is specifically for your skin. Over the years we have noticed a strong link between the healing process and the elasticity of the skin, the more elastic your skin is, the better your chances are for a quick and easy recovery. Your skin’s characteristics can influence the way your tattoo heals, so we came up with a custom aftercare that correspond to your skin and job you do.

First.. Wash your hands thoroughly.

-Remove the cling film after 4 to 5 hours and don’t reapply a new one.

-Wash your tattoo with water and soap (Dove or similar, do not use antibacterial soap, shower gel, shampoo, or bath sponges).

-Rinse the soap away thoroughly

-Pat it dry only with clean paper towels (don’t use toilet paper)

-After washing your tattoo for the first time make sure you leave it to air dry for an hour or two. (while you air dry it be extremely careful with it don’t lean on it don’t let anyone touch it with dirty hands.

-After one two hours you will start feeling your skin a bit tight and dry, that it’s normal that is what we are trying to achieve here.

-Now wash your hands again and take a tiny drop of the Aftercare cream or Bepanthen ointment and rub it gently until the surface of the skin/tattoo is moisturized.

-You can apply the cream whenever you feel your skin tight and dry… but don’t over do it.

-wash your tattoo twice a day (mornings and evenings) for at least 4 days.

Important observations :

Wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding with the aftercare.

Do not pick the scabbing as this will lift the color out of your tattoo and cause patchiness.

Do not soak your tattoo in the bath until all the scabbing has fallen down.

Do not swim in any waters (sea or pool) until all the scabbing has fallen.

Do not cover your tattoo in a thick layer of cream… to much of it will cause complications.

Allow your tattoo to dry before reapplying the cream .

Good Luck!